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Cabopino region information Spain


Located on the eastern shoulder of Marbella, the beach resort and luxury yacht marina of Cabopino has a reputation for exclusivity and style. It is not difficult to see why: protected by rich forests and backed by golf courses and emerald green hills, the location could hardly be more perfect. A small but elegant marina boasts a fine selection of yachts and great restaurants and bars, while the main beach is certainly one of the finest on the Costa del Sol.

Perfect expat resort areas


Cabopino is one of the most perfect expat resort areas, for the following reasons. It features new build developments that are close to the ​beach, close to the main coastal road and close to Marbella. The presence of these affordable, high quality homes has attracted a sizeable community of British, Irish and Dutch expats, which in turn has created a distinct sense of community as evidenced by the friendly bars and restaurants that have opened over the years.

For families, the beautiful beach is a big plus. This is no ordinary strip of sand - the beach at Cabopino stretches for several kilometres and is very wide, allowing all kinds of beach activities, mostly centred around sunbathing and sandcastle building, but also playing volleyball, football, Frisbee and other ball games. And you should also not be surprised if the beach is used as a landing strip for motorized parasailers. The surf is soft and pleasant, and there are also affordable and popular beach restaurants nearby.

Beach and harbor

Then there's the harbour. Small in size which means large yachts can't dock there. Still, size is not everything - those boats that Cabopino harbors generally have understated style, while the beautiful Italian restaurant located on the edge of the harbor and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea very  elegantly embraces the harbor.

Surfers on the waves from the Med down on the beach; joggers clamber over the large, undulating dunes, and there seems to be a disproportionate number of speed walkers around, hips twisting in that slightly comical way as they look at their watches and wonder when it stopped. However, the busiest bees on a typical sunny morning in Cabopino are undoubtedly the waiters. Sipping in and out of their respective restaurants, cafés and bars, Cabopino's army of service personnel make sure their customers are kept happily fed and watered down all morning long.

Investing in real estate in Cabopino is like investing in a Fiat 500. Small but valuable ... and valuable!