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The town of Marbella has become a synonym for playboys, sexy girls, Bentleys, Ferrari´s and other luxury vehicles, a place where money talks, no screams! ...

But, at the same time, Marbella remains a place that draws admiring glances from other areas of the Costa del Sol. A city that can be both hedonistic and decadent at the same time, an exclusive place for the rich and famous that also offers space to the common man. A city in the line of Monte Carlo and St. Tropez.

Marbella glorious discover

This is Marbella at its best. Forget the international reputation for glitz and glamour - at least for now - and enjoy the city as it is meant to be enjoyed. The warm sun acts as both director and timekeeper, children in the water, dictating restaurant opening times. Go with the flow...

There are shops, bars and clubs galore, sure, but Marbella was and still is a very Spanish town, albeit with a tangible and complementary international edge. Locals, expats and tourists live ​​side by side in the most harmonious way.

Marbella in the day can be split into two distinct entities - the beach and the old town. The main commercial main road is Ricardo Soriano. The shops here offer a fresh welcome, with a lovely cool air conditioning, but you can not stay there all day: siësta hours are strictly observed in Marbella, so between 14.00-17.00, almost all shops close. Even at the height of the tourist season. 'What about profit and convenience? ' You would think. 'What about lunch and sleep?' is what the local Spaniards think.

Buying a property as an investment in Marbella

Buying a property in Marbella is not cheap. But a sure investment Even in the past five years, house prices here did not fall too much.

With a football stadium, a large cinema complex, a nice BBQ park and a large shopping mall on the outskirts of town, Marbella has it all.

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